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SE03 - Single Axle 2,990 Lb w/2.5" Angle Iron Frame

**SE03 stock photo. May be shown with optional equipment.
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Part Description Weight
SE4808031   48" X 08' Single Axle   674
SE4810031   48" X 10' Single Axle   746
SE6008031   60" X 08' Single Axle   782
SE6010031   60" X 10' Single Axle   872
SE6012031   60" X 12' Single Axle   968
SE6014031   60" X 14' Single Axle   1102
SE7708031   77" X 8' Single Axle   900
SE7710031   77" X 10' Single Axle   990
SE7712031   77" X 12' Single Axle   1103
SE7714031   77" X 14' Single Axle   1254
SE8310031   83" X 10' Single Axle   1041
SE8312031   83" X 12' Single Axle   1165
SE8314031   83" X 14' Single Axle   1325
Includes industry best warranty and (free) roadside assistance program. Read more...
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Load Trail User Reviews

See what others are saying about Load Trail Single Axle and Single Axle Landscape: (or write a review today)

"Last summer, I knew I would need a small trailer to haul pine needles and other yard debris as part of program to create a defensible space around a cabin located in the mountains in northern New Mexico. I searched the papers, craig's list, and the web looking for a used trailer that would be servicable. It seemed everything with a decent price was junk, untitled, or part of a bait and switch from dealers ("well the one that's advertised was just sold, but come over and take a look at these..."). This year, I renewed my acquantance with Paul Baxter of Spring Enterprises, and he offered to help get a trailer. He put up with endless questions, and provided his expertise on what would work best for me. When he told me the price, I was amazed. Here was a new trailer, built to my spec.s, and the price is in the ball park I was looking at for a used trailer. The wife and I decided on a single axle lanscape trailer, Paul suggested using round tubes on top, and I decided to get it in blue. A short time after ordering, Paul called to say the trailer was here. We went to pick it up, and what a trailer it is! The blue is a great shade, the detail work is outstanding! It arrived exactly as we spec.'ed it out. I'm almost looking forward to the snow melting so I can go rake up pine needles and haul them in style. At delivery, Paul went over the warranty, the operation, loading and care of the trailer. No small feat, since the wind was blowing around 50 MPH the whole time. We hooked it up to the truck, and I knew we had made the right decision. The trailer is smooth, squares up behind my pickup, and is just the right size so I can see over and around it without hanging any additional mirrors on the truck. Thank You Load Trail for producing a small trailer that is built like a big trailer. Your production quality is top-notch. Thank you Paul for all your help in selecting this trailer. Your expertise helped make this trailer exactly what I needed. And, Thanks for doing it all at a reasonable price!"
--James G. of NM
Owner Since: 03/23/2013

"Well built trailer, this is my 2nd trailer from loadtrail. Only trailer I'll own."
--Joshua C. of OK
Owner Since: 11-6-14

"I have never had a need for a small trailer because I usually service my lawn mower myself. But when I inherited a small lot a few miles down the road I knew I would need to be able to move the mower. I looked at quite a few trailers before making a decision and purchasing a LoadTrail and none compared in quality. Great trailer and Great price."
--Tonye L. of MS
Owner Since: 3/26/14 all reviews on Load Trail Single Axle and Single Axle Landscape

Standard Features
GVWR:2,990 lb Side Rails:Weld-On
Product Series:SE03 Couplers:2" A-Frame 7,000 Lb
GAWR:3,500 Lb (ea axle) Axles:1-3.500 Lb Cambered Dexter Spring Idler
Jack:2,000 Lb Top Wind Safety Chains:1/4" Grd. 30 w/Safety Latch Hook (2 ea)
Tires:205/75 R15 LRC Wheels:15" 5-Hole White Spoke
Flooring:Treated Wood Tongue & Neck:3" Channel (3.5 lbs/ft)
Up Rights:2" x 2" x 1/8" Angle Iron Suspension:Multi-Leaf Spring
Fenders:Weld On Smooth Plate Crossmembers2" x 3" Angle Iron (3.07 lbs/ft)
Frame:2" x 3" x 3/16" Angle Iron Top Rail:2" x 2" x 1/8" Angle Iron
Lights:D.O.T. Approved Stop, Tail, Turn and Clearance LED Product LineSingle Axle & Single Axle Landscape
Wire Harness:16 Ga. 5-Way Double-Insulated w/4-way plug Finishing Coat:DTM Polyurethane Coating System
Finish (prep):Mechanical and/or Chemical Pretreatment for Maximum Paint Adhesion EWR ClassSINGLE AXLE UTILITY
D-Rings:Hook, 3/8 X 2.75 (U-Hook)   

Axle Options:
Code Axle
IS0  1 - 3,500 Lb Dexter Spring Idler Axle
ESA  1 - 3,500 Lb Dexter Axle (1 Elec Brake)Forward Adjusting
HS1  1 - 3,500 Lb Dexter Spring Axle (1 Hyd Drum Brake)

Click to see our Dexter Video Playlist
Color Options:
Code SAMPLE Color
CB2 Black
CG3 Gray
CW4 White
CR5 Red
CB6 Blue
CG7 Green
CY8 Yellow
CO9 Orange

Additional Options:
Tire Upgrades
A02ST205/75 R15 LRC 6 Ply.
A01 ST205/75 D15 LRC 6 Ply.
A04 ST225/75 R15 LRD 8 Ply.
A03 ST225/75 D15 LRD 8 Ply.
C02Coupler 2" A-Frame Stamped (standard)
C01 Coupler 2" A-Frame Cast
C03 Coupler 2" Hyd.
C04 Coupler 2" Adjustable 4 Hole
Dove Tail & Floors
E02Treated Wood Floor (standard)
E03 Steel Floor DP
E05 Rough Oak Floor
E06 No Floor On Deck
E07 Douglas Fir Wood Floor
F01Smooth Plate Round Fenders (weld-on) (standard)
F05 Diamond Plate Fenders (weld-on)
Tilt Tongue
GA0Standard Deck (non tilt) (standard)
GA1 Tilt Deck
Rear Gates
G01Standard w/Rear Board Slides (standard)
G03 3' Fold Gate Angle Iron w/Exp. Metal
G04 4' Fold Gate Angle Iron w/Exp. Metal
G14 4' Fold In Gate Angle Iron w/Exp. Metal
G20 4' Bi-Fold Gate w/Exp. Metal Tubing 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"
G05 4' Split Fold Gate Tubing w/Exp. Metal on 60" and wider
Cross Members
I0116" Cross-Members
J00Jack 2000 lb. (standard)
J01 Jack Swivel 5000 lb.
L03Lighting LED
L01 Lighting Regular
M02D-Rings 3" Weld On (2 additional)
M03 D-Rings 3" Weld On (4 additional)
M04 D-Rings 4" Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt On (4 each )
M05 D-Rings 4" Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt On (6 each )
M06 D-Rings 4" Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt On (8 each )
Side Rail Options
P02Angle Iron Side Rails (weld on) (standard)
P03 Pipe Top Side Rails (weld on)
P04 Sq. Tube Side Rails (weld on)
Q01 Angle Iron Side Rails (weld on) w/Exp. Metal Sides
Tool Box
T01Front Tongue Mount Tool Box
W01Winch Plate (8" Channel)
W10 15000lb.Winch PKG(Std 8"Channel, Batt, Charger,Mounting Hdw)
Rear Support Jacks
RS1Rear Support Stands (2 - 5,000 Lb Swivel Jacks)
Spring Assist (on gates)
SA1Spring Assist on Fold Gate
Spare Tires
STCSpare Tire ST205/75 R15 LRC 6 Ply. 5-Hole Silver Mod
STB Spare Tire ST205/75 D15 LRC 6 Ply. 5-Hole Silver Mod
STE Spare Tire ST225/75 R15 LRD 8 Ply. 5-Hole Silver Mod
STD Spare Tire ST225/75 D15 LRD 8 Ply. 5-Hole Silver Mod
Stake Pockets
SP14 - Additional Stake Pockets
Spare Tire Mount (universal)
TM1Spare Tire Mount
Zinc Primer
ZP1 Zinc Primer
Road Service Program
RSPRoad Service Program 903-783-3933 for Info. (standard)


Prices, features, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
©2014 Load Trail

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